Why Is Branding Important?

Lately it seems to be everywhere. Personal branding, corporate branding, brand management, branding your blog, small business branding.. You name it, everything needs to have a brand strategy.

Why is branding so important?

Imagine a friend calling you. He’s at the supermarket and asks what you want. You just finished the last Coca Cola..

Now imagine having to explain the difference between Coke, Pepsi and some generic kind of cola, but you can only describe the product itself. The taste of it. Not the shape of the bottle (branding), the red label with the white curly letters (branding) or even the bottlecap (yes.. branding).

You might have a quick way to describe it, but I sure don’t.

A consistent brand sets you apart from your competitors.

A brand can best be seen as a promise to your customers. Why do you think people wait in line for hours when Apple drops a new Iphone? Is it because the phone is so much better than the newest Samsung? So much better than last years model even? Or is it because they want to be among the first to ‘Think Different’ this year?

That’s the power of a strong brand. Apple has built such a massive, loyal community that I believe if they started selling bars of soap in the shape of their logo, people would pay $50 a piece.

So as you see, a brand builds credibility, it makes you unique, and it gives you the opportunity to build a fanbase with your brand being at the center.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to start thinking of a brand strategy if you (want to) run a business or a blog.

I’ll go deeper into branding in some of my next posts, so stay tuned..

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